#1 Passage of the Sin Tax Bill

Alongside the Philippine College of Physicians, the PSGIM led other professional medical organizations in the long and difficult battle to approve the Sin Tax bill in 2012. Today it continues the battle to protect the bill through rational use of Sin Tax funds, implementation of the IRR, and monitoring of impact on health.

#2 RH Bill passage

Alongside the PCP, and other non-government organizations (NGOs), PSGIM helped in lobbying for the approval of the RH bill in 2013.

#3 Primary Care/General IM

Primary Care/General IM - The PSGIM was formed to rescue the field of General IM from the throes of extinction, by fighting for healthcare system reform to promote primary care. The society is working hand in hand with PCP in planning strategies to encourage the practice of primary care.

#4 Rational Use of Health Funds

The society has constantly been on the alert to assure rational use of healthcare funds, especially if they are taken from Sin Tax earnings. In the past 3 years, PSGIM have had public discussions questioning allocations for Dengue, HPV and Pneumococcal Vaccine. The society has been vigilant in overspending in health facilities enhancement and underspending in health human resource.

#5 Rational Use of Stem Cell Therapy

PSGIM battled to protect Filipinos from commercial interests that propagate irrational use of stem cell therapy and take advantage of patients in despair. This led to the issuance of FDA memoranda regulating the administration of stem cell therapy by individuals and institutions.

#6 Ethical Relationships with Pharma Companies

PSGIM started off as a pharmaceutical-sponsorships- free organization, and so far, continue to exist as such.

#7 NCD control

The society lobbies for social, structural and economic reforms that encourage a healthy lifestyle such as lobbying for walkable, bikeable roads, open space for recreational sports and lower tax on healthy foods. PSGIM continue to participate in passage of a bill for sustainable transport.

#8 BIR compliance by MDs

In response to a call from BIR commissioner Kim Henares, and as an expression of our patriotism, PSGIM encourages co-physicians to pay taxes properly.

#9 Rational Health Screening

Rational Health Screening –During the past 5 years of the society’s UnConvention (PCP’s pre-convention day), lectures and discussions with colleagues on rational health screening have been highlighted.